About okfisher.com!

Hi, my name is Russel and I am the founder of Okfisher.com. I am an ardent fish lover, professional angler and writer, and I hope to share my passion with you. When I was creating this site, there were three things on my mind. I wanted a platform where I could:

•Offer the most applicable, reliable and understandable fishing advice.
•Become a dependable resource, armed with information to fix all your fishing problems.
•Create and grow a community of fish lovers who can help others become better anglers.

With such inspiration, I knew I also needed to work with a team of dedicated fish geeks. Yeah! That’s right, I do not work alone.

Together, we work to bring your fishing imaginations to life.

How We Do It

At Okfisher.com, we gather all the relevant fishing information, sort it out and present it to you in chewable bits. Whether you are looking for tips, hacks, and techniques to up your angler game, or you are just looking for the latest buzz in the fishing world, we have it all covered.

The Okfisher team is pleased to share their experience with readers all over the world. Our onshore and offshore expertise in fish issues equips us with the right information for you. Gone are the days when unscrupulous online companies banked on your good intentions to mislead and steal from you. Now all you need to know about fishing is right here – and here for free!

Fishing Guides and Product Reviews

Fishing is an art, and like an artist, you should be armed with all the essentials before going to work. Being professional anglers ourselves, we believe you should be well equipped before hitting the water for your favorite catch. That is why we dedicate a lot of time researching and providing you with the best fishing guides.

If you are looking for the right gear to go out fishing, our product review section awaits you. There, you will find honest and unbiased information on kayaks, reels, fishfinders, baits, tackles, fishing rods, and so much more. We also occasionally publish news on the latest fishing gadgets and accessories entering the market.

Everything Fish!

Apart from guides and reviews, we are mad about building a community that is not only enthusiastic about fish but also ready to preserve the right fishing culture for posterity. We do this by publishing detailed articles on helpful fishing practices. These include articles on safety while fishing, evergreen fishing methods, fresh and saltwater fishing, as well as ice fishing. We are bent on making you the best angler you can be, and we know what we are capable of.

We would love to hear from you

We derive so much joy in hearing from our visitors. If you have any question about fishing, ask us and we will get back to you almost immediately. We also welcome requests from our readers who would like a certain product reviewed or some fishing topic written about.

Thank you for taking your time to surf through this blog. We hope you are having fun!

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